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FAQs for Minority and Women-Owned Businesses

What is a diverse supplier?
A diverse supplier is a U.S.-based business that is certified by a third party as 51 percent independently owned and operated by a minority or woman. For a publicly owned business, at least 51 percent of that business’ stock must be owned by one or more women or minorities, and the business must be managed and operated by the one or more of the people who own it.

Minorities include people of African, Hispanic/Latino, Asian-Pacific, Asian-Indian, and Native American heritage.

We prefer certifications from the following organizations:

Why is supplier diversity important to Con Edison?
Con Edison is committed to having a supply base that is reflective of our diverse customer base. We rely on the contributions of businesses that are owned by individuals of diverse backgrounds in order to deliver the best product, with the greatest value, to an increasingly diverse marketplace. Diverse suppliers that deliver creative product and service solutions have a positive impact on our customer relationships, the business community and the population at large.

How does Con Edison Supplier Diversity work within Con Edison’s Supply Chain process?
We promote diversity within our supplier base by:

  • Working with commodity managers to identify upcoming procurement opportunities

  • Identifying qualified diverse suppliers to participate in upcoming procurement opportunities

  • Screening identified diverse suppliers to determine if a match exists between suppliers’ capabilities and business requirements

What are the next steps after Con Edison contacts my company regarding a potential procurement opportunity?
We will go through a screening process with a representative of your company to determine if your products and services are suited for our needs. If we are interested in your products or services, we will ask you to complete and submit a vendor profile, and/or set up a meeting with supply chain commodity manger and user. If we determine that your company’s capabilities are aligned with our business requirements, your company will be given an access code to complete the online vendor application for final approval as a Con Edison Supplier and can be invited to competitively bid for a contract award.

What if I am a registered and approved vendor with Con Edison but have not been contacted for a procurement opportunity?
If you have not been contacted for a potential procurement opportunity, either the opportunity has not yet occurred, or we do not have a need for the product/service your company provides, or a match between your company’s product/service and our procurement needs has not been identified.

How do I contact the Supplier Diversity Department about doing business with Con Edison?
Please see How to Become a Partner or contact us at 1-212-460-3076 or

May I contact commodity managers directly for a particular procurement opportunity?
Our Supplier Diversity team works directly with commodity managers to determine procurement opportunities and to introduce qualified diverse suppliers into the supply chain process. As a result, we request that diverse suppliers contact us directly for information about procurement opportunities and related matters.

Who do I contact for more information?
Contact us at 1-212-460-3076 or


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