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vendor qualification process

Vendors must be qualified prior to being included on bid lists. However, exceptions may be made in cases when items are of a unique nature, are not expected to be purchased often, or if time constraints preclude qualification prior to bidding.

  1. Vendors are evaluated by relying on information supplied by the vendor, company experience, references, publications, and other sources of information obtained in the course of doing business. Qualification is based on the prospective vendor demonstrating: experience in providing material, equipment, or services that meet company specifications and standards; financial and operating stability; and the adequacy of its facilities, organization, and location. Upon qualification vendors are included on the approved list.
  1. Supply Chain reviews the submitted data, identifies the company departments that would be the primary users of the materials or services offered and obtains their comments, conducts whatever tests or inspections which may be appropriate to evaluate the qualifications, and determines whether or not to approve the vendor's request.
  1. The qualification process may be initiated either by the company (when it is seeking new vendors) or by the vendor.
  1. The qualification questionnaire is completed by the prospective vendor and returned to Supply Chain along with a current financial statement or tax return. In some cases when a commodity is involved, sample product(s) may be required. Such questionnaire may also be tailored to special or specific commodities or services.
  1. Any vendor may be removed from the list of approved vendors if performance standards are not met, if there is a repeated lack of interest in bidding, or when it is demonstrated to be in the best interest of the company.
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