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NYISO Day-Ahead Prices

The New York Independent System Operator (NYISO) operates New York's bulk electricity grid, administers the state's wholesale electricity markets, and provides comprehensive reliability planning for the bulk electricity system.

Each day the NYISO publishes next-day pricing information by hour by zone. You can obtain this information based on the zone and date selected. The hourly pricing reflects the wholesale rate per kWh. The information shows the extent to which wholesale electricity is more expensive during certain hours of the day, particularly weekdays during the day and especially during the summer. Customers who use more electricity off peak may want to consider our Time-of-Use rate. To learn more, click here

  NYISO Day-Ahead Prices
   To obtain day-ahead pricing information, choose a zone, and the desired date. Then click submit.
   Zone: * If you are not sure of your zone, click here


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