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System Code: FMM0303
Title: Bearing Mtce. & Lubrication
Topics Covered: Safe Work Practices and Procedures Classifications of Bearings and Principles of Operation Preventive Maintenance Theory of Lubrication and Lubrication Systems Scraping and Fitting of Babbitted Journal Bearings Twist and Tilt Readings Blue Checks/Pinch Checks 15 Point Geometry Check on Tapered Land Thrust Plate Installation and Removal of Rolling Contact Bearings Environmental Practices and Procedures -Ethical Awareness -Questioning Mindset -Situational Awareness -The Rules We Live By -Job Briefing
Outcome: Participants will understand the operational theory and lubrication maintenance for bearings. A release of oil onto the floor would present a slipping hazard and a possible environmental threat. Improper rotation check would cause acute loss of lubrication and result in severe damage to the equipment. "Ethical Awareness" is integrated into program modules to maintain ethical behavior and enhance the students understanding of our Corporate Values.
Class Size 6
Duration (days): 5
Audience: Steam Operations employees Construction Services employees
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