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GOLD Program

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Con Edison’s GOLD Program introduces recent college graduates to the changing world of the utility industry in a unique environment that encourages critical thinking, initiative, and open communication. Bright and ambitious students are recruited from a diverse pool of schools to begin a leadership journey at Con Edison guided by the company’s Mission Statement, Values, and The Way We Work Principles. During their journey, “Management Associates” are challenged to expand their technical and business knowledge while cultivating a leadership style that will prepare them to lead our company into the future.

Management Associates gain practical work experience in several major organizations of the company in order to gain a comprehensive understanding of our core business and the services we provide to our customers. During their time on the program, they are challenged to become familiar with the “wire and pipe” aspects of Con Edison’s operations, as well as obtain a practical understanding of how those operations contribute to the bottom-line and the interests of our shareholders.

Management Associates will face many challenges during their time on the program. In order to meet these challenges, they will be expected to:

Demonstrate a thirst for knowledge and an insatiable curiosity
Continually seek to link theory to practical application
Exhibit the motivation and initiative to be an agent of change
Identify a leadership style and continually foster its development

Con Edison does not provide sponsorship to obtain or extend work authorization in the United States. Accordingly, individuals who require employer sponsorship to obtain or extend their work authorization are not eligible for the GOLD Program. In order to maintain employment at Con Edison, it is the sole responsibility of the employee to maintain current and uninterrupted authorization to work in the United States.

We are now accepting applications for the 2018 GOLD program until December 31, 2017.

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